Artist's Statement

Animal, vegetable, mineral. I build my own versions of these elements by transforming familiar materials into imaginary organic worlds. My plants and animals are pulled from dreams and grown in unseen forests and oceans.

I disassemble and recombine everyday objects to create personal landscapes. Circles cut from old fleece blankets and green carpeting form a pond of lily pads. Stacks of lathe-turned chair legs, finials, and candlesticks become funereal grey stalagmites.

Within these invented ecosystems, flora and fauna wander and wait. A crab-like creature scuttles by on spindly legs. A Blood Sea Star is unmoving in its tangle of venomous threads. Bone-like relics accumulate along the ocean's edge.

As humans build cities and industries that cover and consume the land, I take the scraps discarded by this process and use them for my own purposes. My sculptures and installations create a metaphoric connection between the natural world and the manmade. This connection offers the viewer a new way of understanding the mysterious topographies both near and far, real and imagined.